catching up.

well hello there,

it's been quite a while.  haven't posted in almost 5 months.  a lot has changed; for the good and bad.  i finished my contract at the Morris Law Group and moved on out west with the boyfriend.  it's been a difficult journey, but a great one as well.  we've met really cool people and landed pretty decent jobs.  i hate it here most days only because i feel like I'm getting shit on by the supervisors at my work and the lack of companion there is between Connor and i.   we're going on five years this April and I'm pretty damn excited for it.  maybe he'll pop the big question... but i highly doubt it.  our six months at work will be around that time as well so we can go to any of the three lodges asscocatied with our lodge.  Ours; Buffalo Mountain Lodge, Lake Louise; Deer Lodge, and Field BC; Emerald Lake.  i hope we decide to go to Field because that'll be another province we've been too!

we're going home in March as well.  to surprise Allie and Connor's grandma for their birthdays.  I hope it works out!  
i recently posted this on tumblr
" Finding out...
how much porn your boyfriend watches is like a kick in the tits.  it seems to me that he would rather have a virtual sex scene than a real one.  doesn’t make much sense to me.  i know i’d rather have the real thing than my hand jerking my penis off to a video.  … i know it isn’t right for me to look through the Internet history but when i have suspicion about it i think it should be okay to do so.  no? am i wrong to do that?"

Sucks that he does it so much.  at home it was a problem but i thought it was because we couldn't have sex as much... but here when it's just the two of us living in our own place... why does it phase men to do this ...  ugh. :( 

I miss home too much to even care anymore about his obsession with porn.  

ta ta for now.

Summer 2010 ...

Lets recap if we shall.

* got my bottom braces
* Relay for Life!
* graduated College
* started a new job
* Connor graduated College!
* went to a stupid family reunioun
* My 20th!
* Went to great wolf lodge with jcm & akob for work!
* went to the CNE for the first time EVER
* went to Toronto several times
* went to the CN tower

not very much there.  but i'm pretty pumped for the rest of the year.
* camping sept. 10 -12
* halloween
* thanksgiving dinner
* christmas and new years eves.
* christmas.

~ Sarah.

big plans!

We all have big plans for one day. like getting married or having children, but my big plan is to move to the great city.  and i'm hoping to do this with my bestfriend and boyfriend.  allie will hopefully going to GBC in the new year and connor and i can work in toronto.  FYI toronto has a lot of firms hiring ;) <3. hah.  So if all else goes well we could be all living in toronto!! :D

i miss you.

my father.
i miss him.
i miss the old you.
i miss the way you can make everything go away.
i miss your hugs and pointless but useful talks.
i wish you didn't change because of her. 
it breaks my heart.
i need someone to draw kitchen related things up for my boyfriends tattoo! he wants like a 1/4 sleeve of kitchen, food, and anything that comes to mind regarding being a chef. has to include a coconut cream pie though ;) hah