20 and in the big bad world now...

20, graduated college, full-time contract job, feeling like a zombie ... life can't get any better than this. not even being sarcastic. I'm glad i don't have to go back to school in september, but on the flip side i wish i was. it's really weird not going back to school for the first time ever. being 20 feels a little amazing as well. I feel as if i'm actually growing up and moving on with being a child. oh boy and to have graduated from college... AMAZINGGG < 3.

going back to not being a child anymore ... i haven't spoken to my father in almost a month, connor, allie and i are talking about moving out together and i finally got a job. I haven't talked with my dad because he decided to drag me into the middle of the divorce he's going through with my mom. i was okay with it when they first started sending correspondence back and forth cause i was taking school for that stuff... (really i just liked looking at the mistakes the assistant and lawyers did. :$) but then he decided to say i owe him and flying squirrl $1,500.00 for Kapukis emergency vet visit and surgery. ALL because i wouldn't get something off of my mom for marissa. like why couldn't she go get it herself?! UGH FML. Enough with that that's making my mood terrible!! ahah

so the three of us moving out together is going to be AWESOME! won't have to worry about not having bus fare to see eachother, no money to go out. just aweeeeesome. :D <3 :D <3 :D <3 :D <3 :D <3

my job ... boring, amazing, busy, tiring, interesting ... words that describe it.
it's only a four month contract, which ends october 31, with the morris law group downtown. some days it can just be sooo boring that i'm sitting here trying to preoccupy myself and keep busy. there is a filing department here and they always seem to dump their work onto me. like gtfo. ;) amazing, cause well i get paid to be on the internet, open mail and direct calls. oh and we're going to Great Wolf Lodge tomorrowwwww!! SAWEEEEEET <3. Cannot waitttt. some days it's like a non stop ringing machine. usually mondays and tuesdays with incoming calls. holy damn. tiring only because i have a horrible sleeping routine. go to bed at 1030 sometimes 11, wake up wit connor at 515 go back to sleep till either 730, if i'm making a lunch, or 745 when i decied im buying from jet. haha. ohhhh welll. it's so interesting at lunch time. all the different topics that are talked about and evertying. oh dear!! hahah.

i feel like a zombie today. brittani wanted to go to hess last night so i caved and we went. haha. pretty good time mind you. i feel like i need that one night away from connor just so we're not always together and getting sick of eachother. <3

but i'm off to stumble until either the mail comes or i get bored of it and need to go on a break haha. ttfn.

ps. i'll try and post more frequently! <3

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