busy, busy, busy!

okay, so the ending of April into the beginning of May has been pretty hectic.

My anniversary was at the end of April. It was pretty amazing. We went out for a great dinner and just spent some one-on-one time together. We really haven't done that in awhile. :)

I moved in with Connor, the first weekend of May. It's so different. I miss my dad a lot, but he's being really different towards me. I feel like his girlfriend is taking a lot of what we had away. That's a different blog. Moving in with Connor hasn't really changed much, except I can't have my friends stay over. Like I can't have a girls' night/sleepover. But I guess this is what growing up is.

I've handed out so many resumes, I can't even keep track. But Friday I e-mailed my resume to this place and I have an interview tomorrow. I cannnnnot wait! :D I'm dying without a job though. It literally sucks not having money to buy things that I need or want to try out.

hmmm well I'm going to go stumble some more. ttyl.


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