this past week has been pretty amazing/hetic.

monday was the start of my week of exams. i'm pretty sure i did amazing on my software exam, as it was so easy. but that night allie and i went into toronto to see connor. it was a b-e-a-utiful day out! so we went out for dinner. the old spaghetti factory is by far the most delicious pasta place out there. i was so impressed with the cost of the meal as well. after dinner we went to the boardwalk at the harbourfront. it is so lovely down there. the breeze and the atmosphere was such an experience. i really hope connor and i can live on the waterfront some day. it'll be so great to just wake up and sit on the deck or balcony and watch the water. when allie and i got into hamilton our journey wasn't over at all. we still needed to go to my place pick up clothes and my books for the next days exam, go to connors house to pick up my bus pass and then finally bus all the way to allies house.

so tuesday morning; great two exams today. wills and estates exam was pretty easy. didn't mess up on things, at least i don't think so. after that exam i went back to allies place. she made me some grilled cheeeese. ♥. we had the great idea to take back her dads empties.....and then go to my place and return my dads empties.... together we has $74.50. a little ridiculous? i think so! haha. So i go to school for my next exam....Litigation... OMG i wasted 30 mins on a form that i didn't even have to fill in for that part. FML!? i think so... pisseddd me off sooooo much! haha. buttt after the exam, i bused my ass to connors place to meet up with grant and josh. allie is with me as always ;P. so we go to get renee to go to endzones. pretty good wings i might say. i was starvinnnnng. haha. after dinner we went to dairy queen to get some yummmy ice cream!

wednesday comes rolling in....ohhh dear. shitty weather came in with you, i think you need to leave! but i think you should stay only because you're the day that connor comes back to hamilton on. :) it was such an amazing night when we were together. allie, connor and i went to my moms to play the game of life and just visit her. it was a really good visit i think. :) after we left there we dropped allie off at her place and we just started talking about our future and stuff. i'm really really excited to start the rest of my life with him one day. people may think i'm trying to force this whole starting a life with him on him, but it's a mutual feeling here. connor talks to me just as much as i talk to him about it. so gfy :)

thursday; one more day till the weekend! and i can't wait! i had my family exam today, oh and it was pretty easy! like i mean, i was done in an hour for three documents... usually takes people like the whole hour and a half to do that in class.. people are pretty dumb mind you. lol do tonight maybe i can scrounge up some money and get some drinks at boston pizza. $2.99 drinksssss! woooo

but i should get going, this is extremely long. lmfao. hope you enjoyed reading. :)


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