Fairy Godmother ...

So if I had a fairy godmother I really wouldn't have to worry about anything in the world. I'd have the "perfect life". I wouldn't ever have to work or do anything. I could just sleep for the rest of my days. The perfect life would obviously consist of have an unlimited amount of $$, the body of a celeb and just have the perfect family.

The money situation is a huge one with me. I've been jobless since fucken July 2009. It's starting to get on my nerves. I really want to move out and start my life, but I simply can't. Seems like he doesn't want to either. There is so much more to the relationship than just us. seems like there is another love. Not a person, but a substance. I'm finding myself to see him with a beer all the time. Also his attitude towards me isn't the greatest. Sure mine isn't either, but I only retaliate cause he does it first. :(

Having the body of a celebrity would just be amazing. I'd go to the gym everyday and swim. I'd be on a kick-ass diet too. And I would probably feel 100000x better about myself. It would most definitely make him more attracted to me. No more porn? I would hope so. But one can only hope.

Going with the perfect family; UGH! I wish there was something I could do to make all the bickering go away. What my mother does is her business and what my father does is his business. Just try to get along for Marissa and I. For fucksakes.

Please fairy godmother, come to me.

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