Just thinking,

So just sitting here thinking about this talk connor and I had last night. We were talking about getting married and our future. Kinda made me upset because he thinks I just want to marry him for the wrong reasons like just getting married because we've been together too long and just because ... I want to marry him because I love him. I want to spend the rest of my life with him. He is simply my best friend ever. Sure I have allie, renee, tiara, grant and shawn but they haven't been there when I've needed someone to hold me, to love me or just listen. Sure they've been there for me, but not the way I need him. I can see us having this amazing family with two kids, us with our careers started and just loving eachother no matter what. But I should probably stop this simply because he'll freak out hah. I just want him to know where I stand.

I love you so much babe.

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