So going off of last nights post, Connor and I are talking about moving out still but I think that it isn't going to happen. Simply because the money problem. Like sure he's working a shit ton, but I still haven't found a job and I can't keep feeding off my dad and Mary. Also I think it's a fact of us both being scared of being on our own. Honestly, it would be the best thing for our relationship. Learning to live, grow and overcome things together. It'll be a true test of what our relationship can withstand. I really hope that this will move things along. I really do love him.


This week is pretty much the week from hell. I have a week full of tests, mid-terms and various appointments and personal commitments. Today I had a litigations test, pretty sure I did very poorly on it. Also I'm going to the gym with Grant. Tomorrow I have a test in family law and a gym date with Victoria. Wednesday and Thursday are the worse! Wednesday I have an Orthodotist appointment at 11, a Software test and then my litigation Mid term. Thursday I have a test in Real Estate and then after that I have my wills and estates mid term! UGH!!!!

shoot me? kthanks!


So my goal of going to the gym 4 times a week hasn't even started! I'm the only one to blame for that though. I just can't go alone, I feel so out of place and awkward. Like I know how to work out and stuff, but I feel safer with someone with me... It's very retarted! ugh.

Allie just posted a whole blog on how she is going to better herself with her physical needs and it's quite good. Like I'm already on the no pop, fast food, and junk food kick, and it has been working out. (for the most part at least) I have honestly calmed down on my fast food binges, but that's the only way Connor and I can sit down and have a conversation. It's not like we're going to McDonald's everyday, but we go to Boston Pizza a lot. I try and eat healthy there, but it does no justice for me. I'm going to try my best and eat healthy!


So some shitty news. I heard from my old friend Amanda that the reason I didn't get the job at Queenston McDonald's was because some dumb bitch gave me a bad reference. UGH! wow. I'm extremely pissed off.


OMG! I cannot wait to give Connor his Valentines day gift! :D <3.

but I should get going. Grant and I are going to the gym! woooo.


- Sarah.

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