just a thursday afternoon.

So a week in a half isn't so bad. The past week has been pretty eventful. On Friday Connor and I went to a party in Toronto. It was for his two friends, as it was their birthdays. And then Saturday Allie had a little get together. Where she fractured her ankle. Silly girl. Sunday I went out for a drink with my mom and we talked about what is going on with her. As of this Sunday, she has to be out of her apartment because he crackhead boyfriend is using their rent money for crack. He sold their dryer, washer and freezer for crack. Last night I was talking to my papa, and found out that he slashed their new* couch because my mom told him that she was taking them. Fucken douchbag. *new, but recently owned by my grandma.

This week for school has been pretty hectic. Not only school, but a lot of family problems too. Monday was probably the easiest day for school. Only a few questions for homework. Tuesday was the WORST. Two tests, a twenty minute long dictation (which took me about 3 hours to do), opening a new file with a bunch of information in it, and not having Connor here sucked. Yesterday was another easy day, just worked on the rest of my PCLaw tutorial and did a trial record in litigation class. Last night Connor came home. It was probably the best thing that has happened this week. We took my mom out for some well needed coffee. She felt like she was welcomed and didn't have to worry about Crackhead back home. She told us that she is going to be staying in a shelter instead of going to stay with my papa in Elliott Lake. I told her to just stay in the shelter for a week and then I would bus/train with her to Elliott Lake. I hope she considers it. It would be so much better for her than going to a shelter. She'll just be even more miserable there. As for today at school, I had a test in Real Estate on Condominiums. It was fairly easy, but I probably just passed. I should really be getting to do my Family Law homework, but I'm just way too lazy right now. Oh and my resume and letterhead for Procedures class too.... I can be called a slacker now.

With that being said, I should probably go an do that.


<3. - Sarah.

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