update yoooo

Hmm, 11:39pm on a Thursday night. wooo
Currently at Allies aunts place house sitting (no unwelcomed people please!)
We are pretty much living as roomates here, and might I add it's amazing! :D
Connor and I just celebrated our three year anniversary on the 26th of April. Which is amazingggg !
I also finished my first year of college. EXCITINGGGGGG!

This weekend is going to be the shit and I cannot wait! The group of us are going to Niagara Falls to celebrate Tiara's 19th. Pumppedddd! My birthday is soon too! WOO for camping,

I really want to move out on my own still haha. it sucks being at home with my dad and his girlfriend. i feel as if i need to be in my room all the time or i die. so that's why i'm kinda living with allie and connor. haha
well i should get going. ttyl. ,=<3

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