Take me by surprise...

Here I am... sitting in class on a Friday morning at 930.

I kinda want to go from last nights post. i though of so many things after i was done writing, and I didn't want to look to "needy".

so seeing how Connor and i are both working tomorrow night we decided to have valentines day in on different days..

So last Thursday we went to Jeff Dunham, (my buy for him) it was freakin' hilarious! I don't think I have laughed so much in my life. ha. But, yesterday he made me a heart shaped cake, with I love you on it. the cake was SO delicious! It definitely took me by surprise!

Tonight Connor and I are going down to the armouries to watch the Trooping Ceremony of my old cadet squadron. It's mainly to see Allie do the drummers call. Then after the parade, we're going to go out for coffee with Allie and Sam. (pretty stoked!)

Just got an e-mail about a bursary! woooo, more moneyyyyy.
ha, I'm quite the loserrrrr.

Well I should get back to listening to this teacher... or just return to facebook....
I think facebook is the way to go! ha.


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